I’ve asked you here today…

Hello all-

I’ve decided to start a blog to help generate interest in the novels I am writing.  I call the series Birthright.

I’m a lifelong sci-fi fan/junkie/dweeb, and love to soak up well-written science fiction, from the Foundation series up to authors that have appeared just last year.

A while back (a while meaning a few years) I thought it would be great to start writing.  I did this for two reasons, really.  First, to amuse myself.  I love the opportunity to be creative, and wanted an outlet to express that creativity.  They say you should write what you know, so I decided to write the kind of sci-fi story I enjoyed reading.  My work would fall inside the ‘military sci-fi’ genre, and I imagined what a story would look like if Tom Clancy wrote a series with starships and blasters instead of cruise missiles and submarines.  I’m talking early Tom Clancy, Hunt for Red October, where the setup paid off with explosive action at the end of the book.

The second reason was a direct result of the first- I have all these ideas and images floating around inside the gray matter up in my brain, visions of fighters, starships, uniforms, etc.  You name it, and I have an idea of what it should look like.

I write not to become a bestselling novelist (though of course it would be just peachy if I were) but because I enjoy doing it.  When I sit down to write, I can always write something, at least.  Even when I’m not in the mood, if I fire up Word and start reading or typing, something happens and I just start going.  I love what happens when you’re really progressing in a novel, and the characters have taken on a life of their own, and you find yourself taking them in different directions than you’d originally planned.  The characters grow on you and, while sometimes I have to change my plans for a particular situation, I would rather let the character come to life as I type than try to force something through that didn’t feel right.

About six months ago,  I decided to send out some queries to agents in the hopes of seeing what professionals thought of my work.  It was then that I learned every bit of web presence helps to sell yourself to people in this industry.

Now, I have this wonderful (and free! Yay!) blog to use as a tool.

I plan on using it to post some samples of my ideas and work from the universe I’ve created.  I’ll use the stories page of the blog to post material that is relevant to my creations.

I also am hoping to find some people to give me some honest and open feedback about my stories.  I have had a few friends read my work, but they’re always supportive and 100% positive.  What I need are some honest opinions about what people like, what they don’t, etc.

Thanks for anyone who is reading, and if the idea of military sci-fi intrigues you, I hope to have something up soon for you to view!




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