I’m still working on it…

Hello again,

For the four of you that have seen this blog, I have news.  I’ve entered and recovered from a brief funk because I haven’t had any luck contacting agents.  I find it a peculiar way to attempt to sell a novel when you have to send a few paragraphs telling someone what it’s about.  What about writing style?  Can you craft a story, develop a character, write witty banter?  Who knows?  But apparently that’s the way it is.

So, I took a break and decided to try to create some of the vehicles and locations in my novel.  I’ve been working on creating the bridge of the Avenger, the ship that is the main focus of the story, as well as one of the fighter craft that the protagonists use.

I have been using Google Sketchup, and I must say once again that it’s just too damn cool.  Starting with a single extruded square, I’ve managed to create a 3D space that looks better than I imagined it would.  My fightercraft looks great, too, but I suppose I am a tad biased!

I recently started messing with Kerkythea, a photorealistic rendering program.  It’s just crazy what you can do with this.  Export a Sketchup model into it, and add materials, textures, etc, then render and voila- a photo render that you’d be hard pressed to believe wasn’t real.  Just amazing.  Oh, and even better is the fact that it’s free!  Can’t beat that price…

So hopefully sometime soon I’ll have some renders of my creations to post.  Until then, thanks for looking!


2 responses to “I’m still working on it…”

  1. Ann says :

    I look forward to seeing the images. One of these days I’ll try my hand with the software you talk about, because they sound fun.

    Are you planning on using one of the rendered images to make a new blog header?

    • rekroom says :

      You bet! I’m just about finished with the 3D model; now, I must export to Kerkythea and make a few photo renders. People are doing amazing things with this software, and while I can’t hope to compare with some of them, I hope to at least make my ideas come to life a bit! I’m putting the finishing touches on the main starfighter in my novel, which I call the Talon.
      Thanks for reading!

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