Still Here

Decided to shift focus away from selling my “Birthright” novels after I finished the second one, since I received no interest from agents and writing endless query letters  is rather less rewarding than I thought it would be. I realize military sci-fi is probably a niche market already filled with great work, so breaking into that realm is probably going to be tough for a novice such as myself.  So….

I switched to YA sci-fi, and wrote a 76,000 word novel I call “Out of Nowhere”. I’m trying to find some interest in that one right now. I still vow to put some pictures online, but if I receive no interest in Birthright, I might steal a ship design or two and use it for Out of Nowhere instead…  I’m excited about Out of Nowhere, because it explores lots of the issues early teens deal with (going from obscurity to importance, school/friends/bullies, not being taken seriously by adults, and dealing with the opposite sex).  Plus, there’s spaceships and aliens!

In the interim, I’ve just uploaded a short story to Amazon’s Kindle store as an ebook and am hoping for some sort of response.  Hopefully it’s positive and I’ll learn something about ebook publishing.  If this goes well enough, I’m going to start formatting Out of Nowhere for ebook sales and see where that goes…


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