Working on Birthright: Battle for the Confederation

Well, now that Out of Nowhere is live on Amazon, it’s time to polish up my military sci-fi novel, Birthright: Battle for the Confederation.  For those of you that don’t know the genre, military sci-fi basically takes the action theme of techno-thrillers and places the story in space versus the planet Earth.  Working knowledge of tactics and military themes and jargon help, as the story is meant to show what a realistic, advanced starfaring military would experience as they encounter some evil alien antagonist.

My novel follows the story of Captain Loren Stone, the CAG of a starship’s fighter wing, as they encounter an invading force that threatens to tear their little corner of the galaxy apart.  I’m working on final editing and Kindle formatting now, plus I already have my 3D model and renders complete for my Images page as well as the book cover.  This is the story I had rattling around my head for years, and I can’t wait to finish it and offer it up for people to see.  Pics on the Images page will follow shortly.  I’ll be uploading images of the Talon, the front line fighter craft that our hero Loren flies…


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