Changing Plans

Hello all-
I’ve been watching my sales reports, and have been a little surprised by the numbers. Frankly, with the military sci-fi field so well established, I assumed it would be harder to break into, and thus wrote Out of Nowhere, hoping I could get some recognition in the YA market and use that to get some attention.
I’ve seen, however, that Birthright- Invasion, is outselling Out of Nowhere by a wide margin. I’ve decided to make some adjustments to my plans as a result. I’m two thirds of the way through final editing of the sequel to Birthright- Invasion, and hope to pound it out in a few marathon sessions this weekend. My cover is moving along well, with most of the primary model complete in Sketchup. I just need to add details and ‘paint’ it.
Anyway, thanks for the interest in my work; I hope to have more available very soon!


2 responses to “Changing Plans”

  1. Raylyn says :

    Would love to see some of the artwork. I am so interested in helping you with that. I miss having art in my life. Don’t have much time for it right now. Let me know if I can be of any help.

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