Where and How do you Write?

I was doing final editing on the Birthright sequel yesterday, and got to thinking about where I was doing it- my living room couch.  It seems most authors have some sort of process or ritual they go through.  I’d heard Steven King holes up in his office and just goes without distraction for the first draft (‘writing for you’, as I think he called the first draft of his work).

I don’t really have much of a drill, but there are one or two things I must do.  I don’t have a special room or place, though at home I often work on my laptop while on the couch.  I have a cozy little office/library, with all my books, a desk, and a PC, but if I’m home working on something, I’d rather go sit on the couch and be closer to my wife.

In addition, I write mostly while traveling, which means I do most of the work on my laptop, so I’m not thrilled with sending the working copy back and forth between my computers.  Usually, I spend a quiet evening writing in a hotel room, blinds drawn shut, room slightly dark in an attempt to shut out the rest of the world.  Sometimes I try to write while in flight, but most of the time the person next to me keeps trying to peek at the screen or the guy in front reclines the seatback, and in order to type with the laptop shoved that close to me I’d need a second set of elbow joints to make the mechanics of that work out.

My only real hitch is my laptop.  It’s a beat up, clapped out old PC that takes 7 minutes to boot.  It can barely do more than one thing at a time, but all I need to do is run the word processor and surf the net (for research, of course).  My hangup is the keyboard.  I really, really like the keyboard.  I like the one on my desktop, too (a wireless USB keyboard from HP), but I’m used to the laptop keys.  I’d once considered replacing the laptop, but so many of the new laptops have those ‘chicklet’ style keys, or they’re bigger or smaller or arranged oddly.  So, I continue to write on my busted up old laptop, and hopefully my unique bond with it will lead to much happiness and success.  Either that, or I’ll buy a Macbook…


2 responses to “Where and How do you Write?”

  1. adam says :

    When will the next book released

    • Ryan says :

      Hey there. First off, thanks for checking out my writing; I hope you’ve enjoyed the first two novels. I have about 14,000 words done for the third, and have the complete plot laid out. I’m also working with sketchup on a model of Avenger for the cover, and am loving it as I learn the finer points of starship design. I hope to have the book done for an early summer release. Trying to be realistic as far as a deadline instead of saying ‘April’ and then blowing right past the date. I’ll post on the blog as I reach the major milestones, so I invite you to subscribe to the blog and you’ll get a heads up when it’s all set.
      Thanks again for your interest!


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