The Future of Actors in Film?

First, I’d like to say that I hope everyone survived the holidays and the New Year with their bank account and dignity intact.  Good work!  If not, there’s always next year…

Second, I was doing some stream-of-consciousness thinking the other day about the decisions characters make, and how sometimes I’m sure we all wish we could give our hero  direction in the story.  This brought me to the old Choose Your Own Adventure books I read as a kid.  Anyone remember those?  You’d get to the end of the page and see:

If you believe the instructions of the crazy man who’s holding the dead squirrel as a pet, turn to page 45.

If you want to join the League of Zombie Hunters instead, turn to page 115.

Ah, the memories!

Anyway, the reason for this post was to proclaim to the world and claim as mine an idea I’ve been telling people since before Avatar hit the theaters.  Imagine if a director filmed a movie starring actors who acted as ‘blanks’, that is, dressed in a green suit and concentrating only on the acting and art of the craft.  Later, in your home, you would insert your USB stick, which happens to have the purchased database of your favorite actor or actress, and voila, the software skins the actor in your USB drive onto the person who actually did the work.  Think of all the really great actors you could substitute into your favorite movies!  Some would expect a backlash from the actors themselves, since they could end up being replaced or at the very least be reduced to licensing rights of their likeness instead of getting the big payday for each film they make, but I see another possibility.  If a person gets themselves scanned at an early enough age (you too!  You could star in every movie!) they could keep ‘starring’ in films long after they’ve gone grey and can’t leap across burning bridges anymore.

Just a thought.  And, Mr Cameron, please at least give me a mention in the credits when you do this the first time, ok?


One response to “The Future of Actors in Film?”

  1. Raylyn says :

    Interesting concept. Would a person need special technological devices or would my cheesy old TV and DVD player work?? I can imagine Kiefer Sutherland playing many characters. Also Jeffrey Donovan. Oh my! The possibilites are endless. I’m liking this. Good job Ryan!!

    A person of interest!

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