Who would do your voice-over?

I was thinking today about when books are adapted into movies.  You can’t show an audience the character’s thinking process or other crucial elements, so it seems like those ideas are often done as voice-overs to quickly help the viewer catch up to the plot.  Who does the voice-over would be a major factor.  It made me wonder, who would I pick to do a voice-over in a movie I was making…

1. Sir Patrick Stewart- Captain Picard, Shakespearean actor and stage presence.  He could read the closing credits of a movie and people would sit enthralled and listen to the whole thing.

2. James Earl Jones- Darth Vader.  Come on, I’m a sci-fi fan; are you going to tell me you find that surprising?

3. Nathan Fillion- Malcolm Reynolds, Rick Castle.  Soothing voice that could somehow make it sound less horrible than things really are as he describes how aliens sucked the oxygen from Earth and made us all lick their toilets clean.

4. Michael Emerson- Lost, Person of Interest.  If you heard that voice tell you to do something, you’d damn well better do it, or else!

Who would you choose?


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2 responses to “Who would do your voice-over?”

  1. Raylyn says :

    Morgan Freeman for anything. I love his voice. He commands attention!! He is so articulate.

    Harrison Ford as a leader of men or a group of adventurers. Just a little goofy but good at what they do.

    Angelina Jolie because I like her voice as well. I liked her as Laura Croft.

    Daniel Craig because of his accent. I love a great accent. His voice is gravely and seductive.

    Those are my choices and I’m sticking to them. That was fun. What do you think of my choices? Could you use them in your movie??

  2. Ryan says :

    Yeah, I could handle any of those folks. I’ll put them on the note for when I’m casting people for the big screen! 🙂

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