“I Write Like…”

I went to I Write Like this morning to find out, well, who I write like.  At least, according to this particular website.  I put in six passages from the third Birthright novel I’m working on right now, and I got Dan Brown four times, plus once for H P Lovecraft and once for Cory Doctorow.  The passage when it compared me to Doctorow was deliberately written in a different style, as the character was under duress at the time, so at least I was able to fool the computer into thinking the character was acting abnormally!  I was considering just typing in random gibberish to see if it responds with something like “You write like: an illiterate goat who just headbutted the keyboard a few times.”

The website for that is http://blog.iwl.me/   Go find out who you write like!


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