Reprisal available in paperback

I just clicked ‘approve’ on the proof print I received from Createspace yesterday.  I now have Invasion, Reprisal, and (from my YA series) Out of Nowhere available in paperback through Amazon and Createspace.  Now I need to try to get some copies in a local independent bookstore…  I am loving my time working on the 3D model of Avenger for the cover of the third Birthright novel.  One day, when I post screencaps of the finished  product I’ll also be able to explain 95% of the design as well.  I’m not into just adding random greeblies, everything has a purpose.  I designed it from the inside out, because I’ve been to those Trek themed message boards where people tear folks a new one because if you scale out the ships’ size from their window side, the thing should really be 50 miles long.  Actually, I’m glad people put that much effort into it; it made me more conscious of how the design needed to function.

Off to work on hull textures!


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