I saw Avenger today

I’ve been working with Sketchup in order to create a 3D model I can use for the cover of my third Birthright novel.  I don’t know how everyone else does it, but I started with a sketch that I imported, then traced it, extruded, pulled, added, etc, and (months later) completed one side of the ship.  I do one side at a time so that when I clone it to the other side and join the halves, everything lines up and is symmetrical.

Anyway, I finally joined up the halves, and it was awesome.  I should post some early renders, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise either.  Maybe I will do it anyway.  Maybe I’ll just continue to be indecisive.  In any case, now it’s on to the hard part: texturing and assigning materials to the ship’s surface, as well as adding lighting.  I don’t really need to be as anal about details as I am, since as a book cover you won’t see much fine detail anyway, but I’m completely into building the backstory of why the ship is laid out the way it is…  At least I’m learning a new skill!

In other news, if “Rachel, from Cardholder Services,” calls me one more time, I’m going to have a psychotic split.  Who would give their personal information to a telemarketing company that calls from a spoofed number to a phone number that’s registered twice with every Do Not Call registry in the country?  If I ever find you, Rachel, I’m going to make you read through my 800 page biography of George Patton…


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