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I was trying to find something a little different to read for my next book and came across a book called Guns of the South, by Harry Turtledove. I’d read one of his books years ago and figured I’d check this one out. For anyone not familiar with him, his niche is alternate history: what would have happened if aliens invaded during WW2, or in this case, what if somebody from present day supplied the South with modern weapons in order to help win the Civil War.
One thing I immediately noticed was the language of the characters. As best I can tell from my limited knowledge, these folks are all talking in a very legitimate way as far as the era is concerned They use a more refined, proper English that we do today, and I wondered how long Mr. Turtledove spent getting their speech just right. Seems like it must have been a daunting task to make sure those people talk authentically.
Anyway, just my observation for the day.
Oh, also, I’ve noticed that the squirrels around my house are getting bigger. Starting to get worried that one day they’ll realize their superior numbers give them an advantage and they’ll organize against us…


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One response to “Author research”

  1. Raylyn says :

    About the squirrels, I think that invasion has already begun. Case in point, the squirrel that inhabited my bedroom for two nights before he was caught. He hid so well, no one would believe me when I said there was a squirrel in there until passerbys noticed him sitting in my windowsill. So, beware! They’re here scoping us out for intelligent or not so intelligent beings.

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