New Avenger render added

I just uploaded a new render of Avenger to my Images and Models page. It’s obviously still a work in progress, but it’s coming along nicely. Sketchup and Twilight Render are my tools.
The funny thing is, I am spending a disproportionate amount of time on something that doesn’t really move the writing itself along. I personally look at Avenger and the bridge model I’m making when I am writing certain scenes so that I have a picture in my head of where people are going or talking about, and I find it to be a useful tool in my writing. I’ve wondered where the line is between what readers want to see for themselves and what they want to conjure up in their own imagination. Sometimes I have very specific ideas about what a room, scene, or piece of equipment look like, but unless you add some sort of compendium at the back of the book, readers won’t see what you do, because everyone is different and people imagine different things. So, I’m still going to include pictures of Avenger in the back, as well as the bridge. I’ve described enough details of the bridge that I’d like others to see what I’m picturing. Hopefully these things will be finished sometime soon!


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2 responses to “New Avenger render added”

  1. bill says :

    Looks like smooth sailing on that, or smooth flying.

  2. Raylyn says :

    I’d like to take it for a drive/flight. How many miles per gallon? What does it run on? Very cool rendering.

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