If I had a silver Delorean that could travel through time…

First of all, I hope that doesn’t create a generation gap. Back to the Future was, after all, released on 1985. I was thinking today (yes, I know, it happens!) about history. I really love history, though it wasn’t always so. True, I’ve had a soft spot for military history since forever, but eventually that grew into an appreciation for a study of the past. How did we get here? What were those crazy ancestors of ours thinking, creating a North AND South Dakota? I jest, of course, since I don’t want to get clobbered by anyone should I visit the Dakotas soon.
Anyway, I got to thinking- if I could travel through time, where would I go? What would I want to see? The signing of the Declaration of Independence? The first Indy 500? The Bell X-1 breaking the sound barrier? The 1976 alien landings in Western Iowa? (oops, I’ve said too much). The very first Windows blue screen of death?
Where would you go, and more importantly, would you use the chance to study the character of humankind, or would you just give yourself the winning lottery numbers or the keys to a warehouse full of 1970 Plymouth Superbirds?
I personally might feel inclined to drop by Bill Gates in college and offer him a suitcase full of cash as venture capital in return for a stake in whatever company he might form someday…


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5 responses to “If I had a silver Delorean that could travel through time…”

  1. DeLorean Time Machine Rental Guy says :

    Nice article and reference to Back to the Future. Based on Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Outliers you’d probably want to visit Gates while he was still in high school. Check that out!


  2. indyink says :

    I’m part Native American, so I would go back to the time when it was just us here, and immerse myself in the culture. I have yearned to meet my ancestors for many years. I would also go back to the summer of 1981 so I could totally go to a Hall and Oates concert. Daryl Hall was so dope and cute, and John Oates’ mustache had it’s own zip code.


    • Ryan says :

      I definitely think if we had a greater sense of our history, both as individuals and as a country, we’d appreciate what we have and what we could still accomplish more. I like the idea of checking out your ancestors; I’m into genealogy research, and I’d love to go back a few hundred years and see what my family was up to.
      And while I’m not as huge an admirer of mustaches as some, I do think someone should go back in time and measure Tom Selleck’s ‘stache from the Magnum PI days! Maybe a mustache duel between Selleck and Oates?

      • indyink says :

        If Selleck and Oates’ mustaches were to duel, it would be so powerful that it would totally affect the space-time continuum, giving us the chance to use the DeLorean to see some cool historical stuff. Hmmm. Good idea, Ryan.

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