My laptop defies me…

I mentioned on a blog post a long time ago (well, not that long, I suppose, what with the Internet’s infinite memory) that I still liked my old Dell laptop because I was so used to the keyboard. I’ve undervolted the chip, run all sorts of optimizations on it, and felt like we were getting along pretty well lately.
However, recently my battery had begun falling out. This has resulted in several incidents involving me creating new and innovative strings of curse words, some of which I believe even a seasoned dock worker would appreciate. I’ve lost work several times, because even shifting on my couch can cause the damn thing to just drop right out. Perhaps our time is limited, oh ancient Dell craptop. I kind of dig those new thin Sony laptops with the Core i5 chips… Oh well, in another ten minutes or so when it’s done rebooting, I’ll go work on my novel some more…


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One response to “My laptop defies me…”

  1. DaPoet says :


    When you do decide to replace your laptop I highly recommend buying a Toshiba – I’ve owned two Toshiba laptops and never had a problem out of either of them. 🙂

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