Social trends I missed

I was just thinking about my novels and realized I haven’t needed to spend a lot of time in the minute details of describing the society in general. What’s popular, favorite music, etc.
I thought about our own social bandwagons, and realized I’d missed the boat on a few key trends
1. Ipod. Never listened to music much until I got my Android phone. I missed out on years of on demand musical bliss.
2. Goatees. Damn, I would have looked good.
3. Starbucks. Not that I don’t like coffee, it’s just not a requirement for normal brain function. It has saved me millions, I figure.
4. The bluetooth headset. Thought about it, then realized I didn’t want to look like a Borg or those folks from the episode of Doctor Who where everyone had a pair of the things and they all got turned into Cybermen. What a crapper.
5. Hairstyles. Yes, I avoided that fashion train, though only because I crave low maintenance. Short hair, held in place with a dollop of goop from Target. Easy enough!

Did I miss anything truly groundbreaking that you wish to mock me for? I’m ready, hit me…


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One response to “Social trends I missed”

  1. bill says :

    Never been one myself to chase the trends of the world and am proud to say I have NEVER had a starbucks politically correct coffee. It society dictates MUST DO whatever it immediately goes to the bottom of my list.

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