Is my vice lame?

I was thinking of some of the iconic writers over the generations, and it seems like many of the famous (or infamous?) ones often had a vice of some sort. A few used drugs, some used the sauce, some probably just sniffed modeling glue.
I made me wonder, is my vice lame for an author to have? I don’t drink much at all, don’t gamble, use cocaine, or anything that will make people go “yikes!” My vice is the Speedway gas station 44oz soda. Damn, I love me some Diet Coke with Cherry Coke mixed in. I know, I live a wild and reckless life. My stomach lining is probably thinner than most, but it’s all I’ve got.
On the subject of authors, I’ve also wondered if I should adopt some affectation, like smoking cigars, wearing a saucy leather fedora or a bowtie? Maybe referring to myself in the third person? Oooh, Ryan likes that idea…


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5 responses to “Is my vice lame?”

  1. DaPoet says :


  2. bill says :

    I believe any author worth his words needs t least a little vice of some secret kind, But it must be secret. The drink mix is good. Fedora? What about about a beret? You’re already a bit tall so you may not want to draw too much attention to you.

  3. Surabhi Naik says :

    I was wondering the same sometime ago. But, it turns out every writer has a vice. Maybe you should look somewhere other than drugs. Lol! HS Thompson was weird with making up infill details even when he was reporting a story for news. Paulo Coelho is probably the only writer supporting or rather encouraging online piracy of his own books. It could just be something else. Good luck finding it 🙂

  4. Ryan says :

    Thanks for your replies and suggestions. When Ryan decides which course of action to take, Ryan will let you know. 🙂
    I think I’m just going to stick with goofy t-shirts and excessive amounts of diet soda. Everything else seems like too much work!

    • bill says :

      Crazy T-shirts are always good. Hmmmmm must run in the family. I’ve got about 40, heavy on the drum side. Whatever you pick, choose wisely.

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