Author Interview posted online!

I am very excited to announce that I’ve had an author interview posted online!

The web address is:

Thanks to the people who host the site and provide a place for independent authors to tell people a little bit about themselves.  I hope you find it interesting!


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3 responses to “Author Interview posted online!”

  1. DaPoet says :

    Loved reading the interview and your spot on about agents and mainstream book publishers. Though I would recommend that you read a book or two about the fighter pilots of world war ii and the early jet fighter pilots and the tactics {unusual and counter intutive at times} they used to win their battles. In order to get a better feel for arial combat that you could translate into your novels. Can’t wait for the next book in your Birthright series to come out so that I can read it. 🙂

    • Ryan says :

      I really need to get it finished before summer. Just got home from a Spring vacation and I’ll be working hard on it. Have everything charted out and I just need to put it down on the PC. I even have my cover art done… Well, I suppose I admit I can’t stop tinkering with the ship, but when I need the cover, it will be ready! I’ve made a complete 3D bridge as well, and am either going to add an appendix if Avenger info at the end or add another page to the blog for all that info.

  2. bill says :

    Dealing with publishers is really astomewall battle. Ilooked at poetry books in stores before contacting anyone. I thought they were lame and uninteresting but I guess they like politically correct “nice” stuff. Hard to figure out what they want and like. Remember; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I need to look further into the Kindle type sales.

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