What TV show would you want observing aliens to watch?

I sometimes wonder if it’s possible that an advanced species is already monitoring this planet, trying to decide if we’ve come far enough to be worthy of contact.  Maybe someday we’ll prove them right and get our issues sorted out; maybe they’ll just hang a big quarantine sign over the planet warning others away.

So, I figure they’re most likely monitoring all sorts of broadcasts, TV tops among them.  It shows our civilization in starkly honest moving pictures, for better or worse.  I wondered what TV show I’d hope they catch as they prepare to pass judgment on us.  Definitely not Jersey Shore.

If I could convince them to tune in to a particular show, what would I choose to show our planet’s potential?  Something on the History or Discovery channels, so they can tell that we appreciate the world around us and strive to learn more?

Actually, I think I might just pick the original Star Trek series.  Work with me here; the show was all about Roddenberry’s positive outlook of the future.  They tackled the social issues of the day and tried to get us to believe we would always get better.  It would show that we, as a people, look forward to a prosperous future in which we strive to learn and grow beyond what we presently are.

Either that, or Top Gear.  They celebrate the diversity of a single form of transportation by holding up automotive awesomeness as well as craptastic examples of failure.  I’d feel safe with either show.  Who knows, The Stig might be an alien to begin with!

What show would you choose to represent us?


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