Birthright- Crusade, now available on Amazon!

Well, Crusade went live last night sometime. I was doing a ‘soft’ launch, so I could see if all the formatting turned out right when it made it into the Kindle store. It seems like every time I uploaded a book, something would always turn out weird. Amazon provides a viewer I can use on my computer, as well as review windows on their website, but it always seems like some indentation doesn’t carry through, or a hyperlink comes out as regular text etc.
So, it looks like everything is working out as planned! I also have revised all of my other works, mainly just updating the hyperlinks. A reader pointed out that the text in reprisal didn’t scale like it was supposed to, and it turns out the font size in my imported version was different than the original. Why, I don’t know, but everything is in 12 point font now like it’s supposed to be.
Now I need to work on the paperback version on Createspace and the giveaway on Goodreads. More soon, and thanks for your interest and support!



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