Toys for the zoo animals

Ok, so this has nothing to do with writing. I’m taking the weekend off from marketing and publicity- we are setting up for a rummage sale this week plus we went to the zoo this morning. It was a great experience; we took a zoo class where we did some behind the scenes activities. It was an eye opener to see how seriously they take their animals and their care. We made ‘enrichment toys’ that they’ll hand out to the polar bears, wolves, monkeys, etc. Hopefully the monkeys will throw these things at each other now instead of poo.

I’m in the process of formatting all my novels for Barnes and Noble’s Nook e-reader. It takes a little effort since I have to reformat all my page breaks, but it shouldn’t be too hard. Just have to wait until the Amazon KDP Select period on my novels expires so I can list them with I’m starting to think maybe I need to have my novels available through more than just one outlet. That, and so far my sales as enrolled in Select are unchanged, so maybe it’s not worth the required exclusivity clause.

I have a few pages of notes for my next work, and am considering doing a quick sidetrack novel about Garrett Drayven, the Fixer in Reprisal and Crusade. I don’t want to burn out on Birthright, and it might be fun to be able to write in a different style, plus it would be more challenging to write just the thoughts and emotions of a single character instead of an ensemble. I know where Birthright will go, but am toying with this side novel. Is that wrong?


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3 responses to “Toys for the zoo animals”

  1. Raylyn says :

    I think it’s a good idea to give pause with the trilogy (or plus factor) and give your brain a break. Writing about one character will give you focus on details and developing attitude, interests and anything else that will enhance your story. Good for you. Broaden your horizons…….have some fun with it.

  2. DaPoet says :

    Hello Ryan we caught a break at work this week so I was able to take Friday off and finished reading Crusade which left me wanting more. Yet the well conceived and well written ending is a good place to stop for now and begin exploring other options. Along with the stand alone novel your considering writing you might consider writing a collection of short stories or character sketches – a story about each of your main characters fleshing out how they came to be such as how Halley came to choose to become a super soldier, how Loren and Cassie came to meet and fall in love or maybe a story about the first time Cap. Elco saw the Avenger.

    At any rate I’m eagerly awaiting to read more of your stories whatever you choose to write. 🙂

    • Ryan says :

      You know, I had considered writing some sort of brief adventure about various characters along the way. My ‘short’ story idea about Garrett has blossomed into me wanting to write a full novel, but I will definitely head back to Birthright after that. After all, I have three pages of notes already!
      Glad you liked it, thanks for your support and comments!

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