Actors you didn’t know weren’t American

Hey all-
I was watching she season finale of Walking Dead (finally, I know!) and was amazed. It turns out I also know a guy who lives by that little waterfall where they all had their talk about the people that were infected. He showed me a picture of his Jeep parked right there. Cool. I have no such claim to fame, though I did spend a minute talking to the Bodeans once at the airport…
Anyway, I was watching clips about The Walking Dead and the associated cast interviews. I had no idea Andrew Lincoln was a Brit! That blew my mind! It shows he’s even more talented than you’d first guess, because aside from the acting, he had to master the Southern accent. It was the same sort of revelation I had when I saw Hugh Laurie on House the first time.
This brought up a question: when you read a novel, do you read it with an accent if so stated? I am thinking of Star Wars as a common example, where the original trilogy had a lot of British actors and so the default “Imperial accent” happened to sound a lot like the British one… I try to do the accents, but eventually I let it slide and just go with what I’m used to.
An any case, I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend, and also that we all remember WHY we have a Memorial Day in the first place. Let’s salute some flags, thank some Vets, and regardless of your opinions on our foreign policy, remember that the people wearing our uniforms are young folks who volunteered to do so, offering their country years of their lives, or unfortunately sometimes much more than that.


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2 responses to “Actors you didn’t know weren’t American”

  1. bill says :

    I knew about Hugh Laurie. It’s hard to tell he’s”one of those” but I did not know about Lincoln. Are they more talented than some of the Hollyweed slut set?

    Yes have a greate memorial weekend and salute some vets.

  2. Ryan says :

    I remember watching Hugh Laurie in Rowan Atkinson’s Blackadder series when I was younger. British humor is awesome, and you have to pay attention or you miss some of the subtleties. That’s good, because it forces you to really get into what you’re watching.

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