What Else is New?

Greetings all…

Today I’m posting some new renders I’ve made in Sketchup/Twilight.  They are for the SSK, the personal sidearm of the characters in the Birthright series.  In addition, it will play an important role in the life of Garrett Drayven, the main character of the new novel I’m working on right now.  Well, not RIGHT now, since my craptastic laptop’s battery is dead again.  But, soon enough… I’m 12,000 words in, and I must say I’m having a great time creating this character.  It’s a stand alone novel about a Fixer, one of those people you call when you need something done, whether you’re a criminal, cop, or somewhere in between.  The story tells how a mild mannered college kid got into the dangerous and mysterious business that made him worth bucketloads of money but also tends to cause health issues due to a lifespan often shortened by energy weapons and projectiles.

The Drayven character also plays a role in two out of three novels in my Birthright series, so while this is a stand-alone novel, it does offer the tie in to an established series.  I am having a good time writing about a single character and his journey rather than an ensemble.

I sometimes compare myself to the characters I write, and have often wondered how I would deal with the things I’m throwing Garrett’s way.  He’s already been beaten up and introduced to shadowy underworld types, and the next day holds more danger.  I, on the other hand, am going to see my youngest son be a monkey in his school circus presentation tomorrow.  Garrett hasn’t got nothin’ on me!  I’d have to think dealing with crooked politicians and gun smugglers is less stressful than raising kids!


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