My New and Improved Android Phone

Verizon can now eat me. The last major over-the-air update at the end of last year jacked my Android phone up good. I called to ask What the Hell and they admitted about 1/3 of people with my phone model had problems, so they told me I could do a factory reset or take it to a service center. It’s been acting weird ever since. So….
Short version- I wiped my phone and installed a new operating system.
Long and nerdy version- I rooted my Android phone and installed a custom ROM based off a non-branded release of Android called Cyanogen. They’re a group who put together an operating system that has all the bells and whistles a cell phone can ever hope to have, ESPECIALLY the things Verizon doesn’t want you to have or know about. I just read the tutorials and did what others have done long before me, but I feel like a techier person now. Technology can be fun, when you are actually in control of it…


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