Kindle KDP Select and Me

I’ve been selling my novels exclusively through Amazon since last November, and after a lot of thought enrolled two of my titles in the KDP Select program. Unless you’re an indie author, you probably aren’t sure what that means, so I’ll explain.
The KDP Select program is what allows you to make your book available for Amazon Prime members to check out for free once a month. As an author, this opens up new customers while still allowing you to get paid, even though it’s just loaned out. In addition, you can give away your book for free for up to 5 days. I’ve actually signed up the first novel in my Birthright series for that program tomorrow, Thursday, so if you want some military sci-fi, go download it and give it a shot!
I’ve decided to end my time in the KDP program, though, because the benefits are outweighed by the drawbacks for me personally. I’ve only had about a dozen ‘borrows’ over both books in the 3 months, while sales have remained relatively constant. The problem is that, if you’re in the KDP program, you are required to list your books exclusively with Amazon and not put them up for sale anywhere else.
According to some web surveys I’ve read (and the Internet never lies), Barnes and Noble controls 25-30% of the e-book market through its Nook device. This means that I am unable to sell my novels on as long as they’re enrolled in the KDP program. This seems like a bad move, as least in my case, since my borrows are not nearly enough to make up for the potential to boost sales by 25%.
Between Amazon and BN, I can now reach anyone with an e-reader. The Kindle reader app is available everywhere except the Nook, and now I’ll have BN covered as well. I realize I should probably try to provide my novels natively through the iTunes store, but you either must submit it from an Apple product (not going to buy a Macbook just to do that) or I could go through a place like Smashwords, but their service freaks me out a little. In the meantime, I read ebooks through the Kindle Reader app on my own Ipad.
So, now I’ll have Amazon and BN covered. Hopefully more people will see what I have to offer and enjoy my writing. Not everyone will like every author, and that’s as it should be, but hopefully I’ll find a growing number of people who do in fact like this one!


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