Building an Icon

Ok, so the Powerball tomorrow is up to $300 million or something insane.  When it gets that high, I admit I toss in for a ticket or two.  I think we all harbor those Powerball fantasies, some that we’d be willing to share, others too weird to admit to until we have tons of money, at which point instead of being called weird, we’d be called ‘eccentric’.

Anyway, I will share my Powerball fantasy with you.  I realize the odds of winning are about the same as the odds of me being struck by lightning while riding a horse backwards through Central Park while reading selected works of Frederich Nietzsche, but I’ll indulge in a few minutes of happy happy thoughts nonetheless.  My Powerball plan is goofy, useless, and completely badass. I would build a life sized Millennium Falcon.  There, I said it; I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Any hard core Star Wars nerd (such as myself) knows the enigma that is the Falcon.  The interior and exterior sets were built at different times and locations, so they don’t match up.  People have argued for decades on how to reconcile this, and entire websites are devoted to the purpose of deciding how the Falcon should/could be recreated.  This site, for example, is incredibly useful.   It’s called ‘Ship of Riddles’.

This is the best archive for the various efforts to really figure out how the Falcon worked.  To put it plainly, the exterior sets are about 35-40% too small for the size of the interior sets to match.  Oops.

In any case, that’s what I’d do.  Millennium Falcon, my backyard.

There is already somebody doing this, and his name is Chris.  I salute you, Chris.   Here’s a link to his site.

So, what’s your Powerball fantasy?  Cloned Velicoraptor? Olympic sized swimming pool on tank tracks so your party goes anywhere?



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