My adventures with Greek Yogurt

I’ve been slacking in many areas lately, mostly because of that end-of-summer rush where you frantically try to accomplish all those last minute things you need to do before the schoolyear starts once again.
We had a few family outings, camping, etc. There were home projects we’ve been putting off because most of the summer it was hotter than hell here in Wisconsin.
My writing has slowed down, as have my blog posts and publicity attempts for my novels.
So today, of all things, I felt the need to post about my breakfast.
I make my own yogurt smoothies for breakfast, perhaps in the hope they cancel out all the soda I drink. Today I tried the new Greek style yogurt that everyone is all excited about, and I just felt compelled to tell the world; it tastes like… driveway chalk. It’s horrible, pasty, and tastes sort of like Tums tablets. I mixed in a lot of extra frozen fruit and a few other emergency taste aids (like honey, all of which completely negate any positive health benefits of the smoothie I’m sure). It’s now at least drinkable, but I am fairly confident I won’t be repeating this experience.
When I want to eat something that reminds me of deodorant-flavored toothpaste, I’ll be back, but until then no more Greek yogurt for me!


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