Working on my novel made me miss The Avengers

I have a confession: I can be pretty dorky. Here’s an example. I am staying in a hotel tonight for work, and am sitting in my room as of 2:00 pm. I checked around and there’s a mall with a theater playing The Avengers. I’ve been trying to make time to see it for ages, but just haven’t done it. I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon and have been waiting for a chance like this. However, the thought struck me: I have a good 6 hours to write as well. Just work on my novel, go as long as I have the words in me. Now I have a decision: there’s a Sam’s Club down the street. I could go there, get a hot dog combo for now and a rotisserie chicken for later and still spend the same amount as if I’d gone to the movie.
Another factor is that I’d REALLY prefer to watch The Avengers at home. We have a little movie room in the basement, and I’d frankly much rather watch it there than in a crowded theater with jags on their cell phones texting through the slow parts. So, I’m going to write. I’ve been waiting for a time when I have no other committments, won’t feel guilty if I skip doing the dishes so I can write instead. So, Avengers, I’ll catch you as soon as you hit Blu-Ray, and hello, Sam’s Club…


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