Football Season

I ran across an incredibly funny fake Facebook exchange between NFL QBs a while back, and simply have to put it up here so as many people as possible can enjoy it. Yes, there’s a bit of swearing, but it’s worth it.
I do enjoy football, though not in the I-have-4-TVs-and-watch-them-all-at-once way. I’m from Wisconsin, so I am all about the Packers. It’s actually in the state constitution that we’re required to be fans, and I’m fine with that.
I signed up our kids for the season ticket waiting list when each of them was born; my oldest is 8, and he’s all the way down to 67,000 on the waiting list. Hopefully by the time he’s 35 he’ll get the call…
I have to also admit that my time with the Pack has been mostly positive. There have been down seasons and bad games, but overall the team has done well. Hell, Brett Favre started playing for them while I was still in high school, so they’ve been good for most of my adult life. Now Rodgers looks to provide us many more years of great play.
There were a few bad seasons in there, I admit, (we refer to that period as “The 80’s”), but overall it’s been a good atmosphere for football fans. Sure, every once in a while some misguided soul declares themselves to be a Bears fan, but usually they see reason after a while. 🙂
I just wonder what it will be like when my kids are grown, and I’m talking about Rodgers, Driver, Matthews, Super Bowls, etc. They’ll hardly remember it, and those names will sound as ancient and storied as Bart Starr was to me.
Now, it’s off to write a bit before the kids wake up. It’s hard to find time to carve out for myself in the day to do something just for me like working on my writing, but I’ll take it where I can get it. I’m almost finished with The Fixer, my current novel. In the home stretch, just a few thousand more words to wrap it up. The cover’s already almost done (I used Google Sketchup and Twilight render to make the graphics) and a few waves of proofreading and edits, then it’ll be on sale. See, you can do your holiday shopping right here! 🙂
Happy Football Season everyone!


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