The Fixer, final editing!

Hey all.
It’s taken longer than I’d planned, but my fifth novel, The Fixer, is in the final editing stages. The cover is almost done, and I plan to release it in the next week or two. I’ll be updating The Fixer’s page of my book list on this blog as the days go on. I’m still working on polishing up the blurb for Amazon and B&N’s site as well.
The Fixer is about a spin-off character I introduced in the Birthright series. It’s less ‘sci’, and more’ fi’. The guy carries a blaster and we see a token alien or two, but The Fixer is a much more personal story than the Birthright series. It’s just one person, the story of how he got deep into a nasty situation before he even realized it, and his struggles to escape with his life intact.
More soon!


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