And the next book is…

Greetings everyone. I’m in the final editing stages of The Fixer, and over the weekend am taking a chance to write a bit. Yes, I just can’t stop myself. My fingers are cramped and I’m going through batteries in my bluetooth keyboard, but it’s just such fun!
I have ideas for several novels I’d like to write, frankly, and I had to decide.
I could continue the Birthright series of military sci-fi, which are my best sellers, but I just finished a novel that takes place in that universe with a character from the series as well.
I could start something new, and I have a couple of real interesting ideas I’d like to try along the lines of more mainstream fiction.
However, I decided to write the sequel to my Young Adult sci-fi book Out of Nowhere. Out of Nowhere doesn’t sell as fast as the military sci-fi, but the funny thing is that the vast majority of personal responses to me are concerning that book. I’ve actually had a good number of people ask when I’d be writing the sequel, so even though I suppose I might sell more if I wrote a different title, I really wanted to continue this series. It also helps that I hope my kids will want to read these someday, which is one of the reasons I did a young adult title in the first place. And really, since this is something I enjoy doing that also happens to make me a few bucks, I figured I should do what I want. That’s the great part of being your own boss, right?
So, I’m 5000 words into the next book now. I have my plot sketched out, plot twists in place, and plenty of notes to keep me going. Now, I just need to keep finding time to write!


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