Video Game Commercials

We’ve just started seeing the new commercial for Modern Warfare Black Ops 2.  It rules.  You can see it on the youtube link below if you’d like to become a believer as well.

Black Ops 2.

It’s just great, with the neat star cameos that have been becoming more commonplace in video game commercials lately.  Robert Downey Jr has a great line, as well as a Russian guy in a red shirt who says “Surprise, Horse Lady,” before being blown up by some sort of antitank missile.  This guy is better known as FPS Russia, a blogger/reviewer who has quite a following due to his weaponry website, where he reviews everything from sniper rifles to the excellent anti-zombie shotgun shown in the link below.

FPS Russia.

I’m not sure how somebody decided to snag him for the commercial, but I thought it was a pretty sweet cameo.  All the better than many people probably have no idea who he is.  On the other hand, his website is probably melting down now from all the gamers trying to figure out who everybody in the commercial is.  Hell, I’d take that as my claim to fame!  “Hey guys, I was in a Modern Warfare commercial!”  “Cool!”

I still think my favorite was the last Modern Warfare with Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill.  It really rocked, and my sons and I watched it repeatedly for days…

Modern Warfare 3.

These commercials are really entertaining, and the game itself looks awesome as well.  There are only so many things you can do with a first person shooter these days, but I’d cough up some bucks to give this a try.

Oops.  I don’t have a console game system.  We bought a Wii for the kids, and everyone knows the graphics are not worth discussing.  Personally, I’ve always been a PC gamer.  Maybe it’s because I’m a computer nerd who feels at home in front of my PC.  I’d much prefer using a mouse to aim, keypad to move, and mapping hotkeys around the pad to do common actions.  I’ve tried using game console controllers, and I swear I’d need to grow another thumb and develop Jedi-like reflexes/precognition to use those things.  Still a gamer, just a PC gamer, is all…

As far as games go, we’ve finally reached a game where my kids are better than me.  Oh, I’ll take them down and make them beg while playing Command and Conquer.  They’d cry if we played Madden NFL or any first person shooter ever made head-to-head on PCs across a network.  But now, they own Madden NFL on my iPad.  I swear, I tried, but the controls are a mess and I could never do much more than run in spastic circles while my offensive line collapsed and I got sacked.  Meanwhile, they are scoring touchdowns and running the ball all over the place.

Maybe we don’t want that Wii You after all.  I’d be tempted to buy Black Ops 2, and eventually they’d play it, and I’d get pwned by my 8 year old.  Argh… Starting to feel old.  At least I could always take them in a solid game of Rainbow 6 Vegas…


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