Knock Knock: Armageddon!

armageddonAh, after the long wait, our impending doom is finally upon us.  Can’t say I wasn’t a little anxious about it, but now that it’s here, I guess I’m all ready.  I’ve caught up on season 3 of Justified, am up to date on The Walking Dead, and my car payment is made for the month.  So, what now?

The cats have been edgy all day, though I think that’s because I opened a new can of Fancy Feast this morning and they know it’s still fresh and tasty, and they’ll get some more tonight.  I wonder how they’ll fare through all this?  I’m ready for the asteroid/plague/zombies/holy judgment/housecat uprising.  I’m hoping for the housecat one, actually, since I’ve been pretty good to our cats.  I figure I can talk them into letting me be their lickspittle/food provider.  A life of dishing out cat food is worse than agonizing death, right?

So, as I look out of my window into the dark night beyond, through the howling winds and blowing snow of our first major snowfall of the year, I … oh, there it is!  Oh, have mercy!  Look at the flames, the fire, the electricity!  It’s horrible, and yet beautiful at the same time!  I can’t turn my eyes away, but I know I must act!  What should I do?  Blue electric light shoots through my home, electric cracks assault my ears, and for the love of all that’s holy, what can I … oh.  Wait.  I forgot to take the aluminum foil off my leftovers in the microwave.  I hope I didn’t burn the turkey.

Never mind, false alarm.  See you for Armageddon next year, I guess.  I hear it’ll be sometime in Spring,  2013!


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