Black Ops 2 has stopped working

I wanted to post this to help out anyone else with the problem I ran into, as it seems like the solution is different for everyone.
First, some background. My wife bought Black Os 2 for me as a Christmas present. Discipline will be required so as to not lose too much writing time. Anyway, she bought me the PC version, which I much prefer. I’ve never been coordinated enough (or had enough thumbs) to work those damn controllers right. I like aiming with the mouse, moving with the arrows, and remapping the crap out of the controls. Besides, the PC version looks nicer, as I have a very capable box.
I spent 3 hours installing it and another three getting it to run.  When it would start, I got an error that said “Black Ops 2 has stopped working”.  Then it went to desktop.  No explanation, no reason, naturally.  So, I did what any computer nerd would do: I updated everything.  BIOS, drivers, Windows Update, etc.  My problem, as it turned out, was Windows Vista (you may commence mocking me now.  I know Vista blows; even Microsoft knows it blows.  However, when I built my PC, that’s all there was, and I’ve finally gotten it to act the way I want.  Besides, I just can’t afford the downtime to backup, install, and reconfigure Windows 7.  Hell no to Windows 8, by the way!)

So, I scoured the net and found a lot of people had this problem.  There also weren’t a lot of successful answers.  I finally stumbled onto some advice from, an excellent resource for all things PC.  Anyway, the short version is that BO2 won’t run unless you have Directx11.  When the game installed, it said it installed Directx11.  Vista claims that DX11 is part of Service Pack 2.  However, when I ran dxdiag, it was showing DX10.  So, I ended up going to Microshaft’s website and began manually installing patches until the damn thing believed that it had DX11 installed. Voila, now I’m killing zombies and the graphics look amazing.

So, hopefully this helps someone who was in my boat as well.

Now, to play a mission or two before the kids wake up!



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