I’ve been kicked off my computer by an 8 year old!

We have more than one computer in this house, but the desktop pc is my favorite.  I’ve dorked out and have 2 monitors.  I built it myself and used some great parts, then overclocked it; even two years later, it will handle anything out there.  It’s in our ‘office’, the one place in the house which I consider to be ‘my’ turf.  Everyone uses it, of course, but it’s the room I am most attached to.

So, that’s the computer I use for my blogging, graphic design, 3D rendering, photoshop, book covers, family photos, etc.   Interestingly, it’s not the computer I write on.  I travel a bunch and do the biggest chunks of my writing while away from home.  Even when I’m here then, I still write on my iPad just so I have all my work in one place.  I use a bluetooth keyboard, without which any serious word processing on the iPad would be impossible.

I say this to give you context, because yesterday the full realization set in that I didn’t have primary claim to my pc anymore.  I walked in and my 8 year old was hard at work writing his own story using a website called Storybird.  He’s used a few others similar to that recently, and has written several stories in notebooks and sketch pads in his room as well.  He reads like crazy, and he thinks it’s cool that I’ve written a few books; it seems like he might aspire to try the same thing someday.

I was informed by him that he only needed a few minutes and then I could have ‘my’ computer back!  There are only a handful of things that will not cause me to remove the kids from my computer so I can get legitimate work done (I’m not talking Black Ops 2; I’m talking paying bills, looking for Han Solo boots and a blaster holster on eBay.  You know, important stuff.).  One of them is homework; if they’re doing their assignments, the pc is all theirs.  But when I saw him studiously crafting his story about a kid who woke up as a garden gnome and had to figure out how to get back to normal before breakfast, I knew he was welcome to use that computer as long as he liked.

So we’ll have to share; I’ll work on the 3D model of the ship I’ll be using on the cover of my sequel to Out of Nowhere while he’s at shool, and he will continue work on the further adventures of the kid who became a garden gnome!




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2 responses to “I’ve been kicked off my computer by an 8 year old!”

  1. argentumvulgaris says :

    I understand that problem, that’s why I have it in the pipeline to get them their own. It’s called a sanity preserving measure. I don’t have a laptop, if I did I could take it with me to the toilet instead of the newspaper.


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