Out of Nowhere sequel in the bag!

Whew. I just finished the sequel to my YA book; it’s called Shadow of Doubt, and follows the continuing adventures of Matt Falken and friends as they battle aliens, their own fears, and some adults with ulterior motives who don’t want them to succeed at their task of defending their homes.
Editing and beta-reading is going on now, and I’ll spend the next week or two working on the cover. Sketchup and Twilight Render are my friends…
It was such a great feeling when I finished it, the accomplishment of writing the last of 86,000 words over the course of 5 months. I typed the last sentence and just stopped, big stupid grin on my face. It was just right; no feeling like I needed to drag it out or add just one more thing. I was perfectly happy, and hope readers are too when it’s published! More to follow soon!


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