Shadow of Doubt now available!

shadow of doubt cover copyWell, it’s finally done.  The Out of Nowhere sequel is online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Whew!

If there’s one thing that I do miss with going the Indie route it’s all the behind-the-scenes work that I don’t get to pawn off on somebody else.  There’s editing, beta reading, cover design, updating links on all my other books and getting the new story uploaded correctly.  Dang!

Still, it’s rewarding once it’s all finished.  So today I’m going to go surf through Amazon and find an Indie author’s book to buy, and then I’m just going to be a customer for a few days before resuming work on the next novel.

I’d thought about launching into a tirade about the self-checkout epidemic as stores lately, but it’s probably been done and everybody hates it anyway, so there’s not much new to say on the matter  in any case.

So, I’ll settle for wishing everyone a great day!


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One response to “Shadow of Doubt now available!”

  1. Brad Goodwin says :

    I just read Shadow of Doubt this series just gets nbetter with each book. I find the writers style very interesting the story develops through out the book and keeps you interested throughout never lets you down.

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