How the mighty (well, just me) have fallen

the fallenI have to laugh sometimes when I realize how my priorities, goals, etc have changed over the years as I’ve gotten married, had kids, become domesticated, that sort of thing.
Used to be in years past, I’d spend my idle time daydreaming about all the really awesome stuff I’d collect someday: a house that looked like a castle, Vipers, Lamborghinis, jet boats, a pet velociraptor, a keggerator, my own time traveling Delorean; you know, cool stuff.
As you age and life goes on, your ideals shift. Instead of a 2 seat sports car, I found a badass 4 door with a big V8 to claim as my ‘fun’ car, a 1996 Impala SS. Instead of a missile silo for a home, we have a nice house outside of town. And instead of a raptor, we have 2 cats. Though I admit the cats are potentially just as shifty as those man-eating velociraptors.
Just a few minutes ago, I was watching TV while straightening up and saw a commercial for the Hoover MaxExtract something-or-other, one of those neat steam-vacuums that cleans everything from cat puke to kid vomit out of your poor tormented living room carpet. I watched it and thought, “that is a sweet vacuum, I need that.”
Oh damn, how the once-mighty have fallen to Earth!  I’m old…


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One response to “How the mighty (well, just me) have fallen”

  1. DaPoet says :

    ROFLMAO You not old yet! Just wait until your my age! 🙂

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