Hello, my name is Ryan and I’ve been slacking

Hey all.
I was looking at the blog today and saw that I haven’t posted anything in a month. Wow. Now, I’d rather not post anything at all than repeated annoying updates about doing the laundry or cleaning cat puke out of the carpet, but I just want to make sure I have some good excuses lined up for everyone!
I’m 40,000 words into the fourth Birthright novel at this time and am working on a Priman fighter 3D model to use on the cover. Those pesky bosses have been keeping me busy at work, Spring projects abound, the micro SD card in my cell phone got corrupted today and it’s almost camping season so I spend a lot of time daydreaming about the travel trailer of my dreams.
One thing I was going to share is the latest Indie author I’ve been reading. Now, he’s far better off than I am as far as industry presence goes, so it’s not like he needs help from he, but he’s getting it anyway!
His name is Michael R. Hicks and he has en ever-expanding series called In Her Name, about a race of technologically advanced, bloodthirsty warrior women who have put Humans on the top of their “We should fight and kill these guys” list. Not a good prospect. The first novel in the series is free on his website, and I’ve read four out of six novels so far. Good stuff!
Anyway, I’ll keep writing if you keep on reading, and I hope Spring finds everyone getting happier and warmer as the icebergs in the Great Lakes up here by me finally start to melt!


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