New textures for cover models

Here’s a quick photo bit of my work in progress. I’ve learned that I have much to learn when it comes to 3D artwork and rendering. My favorite hangout is, and I realized I can do a lot better than I have been.
My cover art has never needed to be incredibly detailed; there just isn’t enough room on a cover for all the little tidbits and greebles to show on the ship’s I’ve made, but I try anyway.
Here is my latest; I’m retexturing the hull of Avenger to make it look more real. When you get up close to something, you will notice that everything has a texture to it, and it’s rarely uniform and even. So, the silver hulled ship is my original, and the one with the paneled looking hull (aztec pattern to you 3D artists) is my work in progress. Still have a ways to go, but I’ve done enough to show it off.
Any thoughts? Too dark, too square, etc?

avenger-render-o--edited copy copy



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3 responses to “New textures for cover models”

  1. Raylyn Krauter says :

    I like the texture but think there should be some dings, burn marks and dents just like on my car! If the ship has been out there in the galaxy for a while, it will have damage on it. It shows character as well. Texture is definitely adding another dimension. Good job!

    • Ryan says :

      I actually downloaded a really cool ‘scorch marks’ brush set for Photoshop. Might have to give those a try! Good idea!

  2. Jeff says :

    The first image shows it better to advantage, however the lower and I surmise, more recent image is the more realistic of the two. It is what it should be like given its function and does bring to life the Avenger, the setting and character of a sorts, where our heroes call home.

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