Remedial Zombie Training


Hello all.  I realized the other day that apparently my family will need some refresher training should the zombies ever walk among us.  Sure, it’s fun to watch TV and movies about them, but I think familiarity is breeding too much comfort.

For example, yesterday my 4 year old daughter told me I should pretend to be a zombie.  Then she offered to let me eat  “a little bit” of her brains so that we could be friends and I could terrorize her brothers with my newfound zombie-ness.  I suppose a quick Powerpoint presentation on the zombie life cycle when the Event happens should be enough to get us back up to speed.



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One response to “Remedial Zombie Training”

  1. Raylyn Krauter says :

    I’m pretty sure the school counselor will be calling you in as soon as Sydney starts talking about her “Zombie Daddy”. Beware!! Just sayin’…….

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