Author Interview soon and the next book idea?

Hey all-

Just spent some time camping with little to no cell signal (tragic, I know!). Didn’t get any writing done for a while and am eager to spend some time tonight getting my characters back into trouble.
I’ve been musing on what to write next after the fourth book in the Birthright series. I’ve sort of settled on some current-event driven dystopia. We’ve all seen movies where there’s the typical dim, government controlled future, what we’ve come to call dystopian. However, I’ve only read one or two books ever where they actually explore HOW they got to that point. What lead to the government taking over, and was there any resistance? We always see the heroic figure tearing down the unjust rulers who’ve managed to control a civilization; what about the story of how we got there? I’m still fleshing out ideas, but if you liked the TV show Jericho or are into the survivalist/prepper thing then you’ll probably recognize some of the salient points that will drive the plot.

Also, in the coming week or two I’ll have an author interview series published on the website below:

She’s a blogger who’s written her own novel as well, and does author interviews in the name of helping indie authors get some publicity. I’ll post again when the interviews go live, but she’s already mentioned my book The Fixer, so it’s fairly exciting.

Take care all, and we’ll talk soon. Really!


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