Author Interview posted!

Hi all!
It’s been a busy past few weeks crammed with a lot of vacationing and work but precious little writing. The good news is that I’m still getting a wee bit of exposure, this time thanks to a blogger/interviewer who has written a book of her own and helps other wayward indies like myself do some publicity.    is the website where the interview is posted.  The author sent me a form to fill out, and in return posted the interview plus a lot of links to my work.  She has written her own novel as well, Women Behaving Badly.

In any case, go check it all out while I sneak in some proofreading and editing before bed!



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2 responses to “Author Interview posted!”

  1. David M. Green says :

    Congratulations Ryan! I checked out both her web page and book then bought the book and will download it onto my paper white Kindle so that I can start reading later tonight. I’ve also begun publishing some of my poetry on Amazon as well. Here is the url for my author page:

    BTW I just happened to notice for the first time while looking at my page that there is a link to subscribe to an author which allows Amazon to send an email to the subscriber whenever the author publishes a new book. So I clicked the link on your page. 🙂 As I’m really looking forward to reading your next book.

    • Ryan says :

      Thanks for the kind words of support! I’ll have to check out your link as well; I remember getting daily poetry blurbs from your blog feed! 🙂

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