Only guys can be in the doghouse?

Man in the Doghouse

The other day I was in a flower shop.  I’d decided to buy my wife some flowers, something I do from time to time.  There were all sorts of cards to choose from, so I flipped through the turntable looking for the right one.  I discovered several different variations on the “in the doghouse” theme.   I asked the lady behind the counter if that was a popular card, and she replied that it was a very popular seller.

This got me thinking: What are the criteria for being put in the proverbial doghouse?  I’ve never been in that situation, but I have to wonder what it would take.  I assume some relationships are more volatile than others, and there are probably guys out there with a monthly flower budget for damage control purposes.

What about the woman?   Can’t a girlfriend/wife be in the doghouse?  Why is it only guys who must bow to this stereotype?  It could happen, dammit!  🙂    What if she washes your signed football jersey?  What if she throws out your vintage beer can collection? What would an appropriate gift to a buy then be?  We sure don’t want flowers.  Car parts?  Beer?  Gift cards to Lowe’s?

I suppose the big difference is that woman usually are the victims of misunderstanding ( good intentions and miscommunication such as the beer can story above) whereas guys are usually the perpetrators of more heinous crimes (forgetting her birthday, strange tattoos after a friend’s bachelor party, staring at wife’s sister too long, spending paycheck on new rims for musclecar instead of repairing furnace…)

Here’s to hoping neither of us finds out what it takes in our house to end up in the K-9 Hotel!


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