Thanks a lot, Apple

So, today’s the Big Day. IOS 7 is here for iphone and ipad. Whoopie.
I’ve heard about some of the new features and it sounded interesting, so I checked out the update. According to the app, the new IOS needs 2.9 GB TO INSTALL. Wow!
Let me put that in perspective. That’s almost 20% of your memory on a 16GB ipad or iPhone.

Despite what my kids think (because if you can afford a $30 DS game, you’re filthy rich) I am not in fact made of money.  Our money tree failed to pollinate, the Secret Service keeps calling about the fake bills I wanted to print, and my quest to dig for gold in the backyard only resulted in twisted or broken ankles for all of us as we stumbled around outside this summer.

Our device is an iPad 2, with 16 GB of memory, because I didn’t see the point of buying a 4 for a device the kids would drop, drool on, and otherwise abuse, and wasn’t thrilled about spending all the extra money to get more flash memory.  You realize Apple only sells the iPad 2 with 16 GB of memory now?  If you want more, you need a brand new iPad 4, which is much more expensive.  And, as any anti-Apple band wagon rider such as my self will tell you, you can’t just slam some extra Micro SD flash memory into the expansion slot, because there isn’t one.  Apple demands that you spend a ridiculously inflated price to get more flash memory at time of purchase.  If you run out of memory later, just buy a new device!  That’s what all the cool people are doing!

Here’s the price breakdown: Today, on the Apple website, you could buy an iPad 4 16GB for $500.  You can still get the iPad 2 for $400, but since there’s no larger memory option, we’ll have to omit it from this case study of crappery.  To get double the system memory (16 to 32 GB), it costs you an extra $100.  Sound expensive?  That’s because it is!  Apple is charging $6.20 per GB of memory.  Doesn’t sound that bad, maybe, until you go to any retailer such as Newegg and see that Flash memory (in the form of MicroSD cards) are going for as little at $0.70 per GB.   Apple charges almost 10 times what the going rate is for flash memory.  So, that iPad 4 32 GB should really cost $530 or less instead of $600.  I assume Apple can probably get a better price on flash memory than the deals on Newegg.

The end result is that I don’t have enough memory to upgrade the OS.  You may say, “Ryan, if you hate Apple so much, why do you have an iPad?”  I’d reply that while I have issues with the company, the world in general is stuck in some sort of demented love-fest with Apple and many of the apps we wanted (mostly for kid use) were only rolled out on the Apple platform.   So, at the time we made our purchases, we were stuck buying a device with no Flash website support and tiny memory capacities if we wanted the best selection of kid-friendly apps.  We still had to purchase the Puffin browser so our kids could go to all the websites the teachers recommended for them.

So, I won’t be upgrading.  I also won’t be buying a new iPad, either.  And I laugh every time I see a commercial that rips Apple down.  Yes, I am petty and vindictive, but it makes me feel better to vent…



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2 responses to “Thanks a lot, Apple”

  1. Raylyn Krauter says :

    I prefer my apples in the gala and honey crisp variety. That Apple Ipad/pod stuff is a money pit I can’t/don’t want to be part of. Someone is making a buttload of money and it’s not me so I’m not helping them out. How many apps do the little ones really need? Aren’t they just the same thing with different characters?? Whatever happened to Legos, crayons and puzzles? Boy, can you tell I’m getting old?

    • Ryan says :

      They still have all the other stuff, but technology is just part of their lives in a way it never was for us.
      By the way, I like Zestar apples because it sounds like an evil alien name.

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