Has technology killed chivalry?

I noticed something the other day when my wife and I went out for dinner. We were alone, no kids. Usually, as we approach the minivan, the chariot of the modern family, I use the keyfob to unlock the car and open the sliding doors.
That night, as just the two of us were walking, I used the keyfob the unlock the car but realized at the last second I could actually do this the old fashioned way and go open her door. It felt nice, like we were on a date.




“I want you to grab your keyfob… and open the passenger side door…”


Then I wondered, has technology killed chivalry? We unlock cars remotely, sensors open doors automatically, we can even pay for dinner using our phones these days. No more grand showing of holding the door open, opening the wallet and retrieving your credit card, still glowing warmly from all the spending you’ve just done.
Are we losing those interpersonal skills? Instead of saying, “You look wonderful tonight,” are we switching to sending a “Ur hot, LOL” text?
Just keep it personal, folks, and we’ll still remember how to treat each other nicely!


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