New Novel Available!

turmoil book cover copyHello in blog-land,

It’s been a long time coming, but the latest novel in my military sci-fi series Birthright: Battle for the Confederation is now available on Amazon and, with paperback from Createspace to come in the next couple weeks as proofs are mailed and reviewed.  I’d taken a novel off from working on the series and wrote something else so as not to burn out on these characters, and now having come back to them I had plenty of fresh ideas and ways for them to get into entertaining forms of trouble.

I write these books because I truly enjoy doing it; I’d rather write and create something than sit around and watch reality TV at night, and having a hobby that can help pay a few bills doesn’t hurt, either.  The truth is, though, I wrote the first two novels in the series before I even realized I could market them through venues like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  I’ve already begun churning through ideas for the next one, and a rough outline is typed securely away on my laptop.

Maybe I’ll rewatch the series run of Firefly first, though!


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