Retailers hate Thanksgiving

turkey-gunRetailers hate Thanksgiving.  There, I said it.  I mean, this Black Friday thing has finally gone too far.

I know some people who do the shop-all-night thing and they seem to really enjoy it.  They’ve never been part of a stampeding mob or knocked over an old lady to get the last DS game/Barbie/toy-of-the-month.  They seem to like the experience of being out with each other just as much as snagging a good bargain.  Can’t find fault with that.  Now, it’s not for me (I stay home and  watch gratuitously explosion-filled movies until early in the morning, but I digress), but I can see why some people do it.

The idea was that everyone had their Thanksgiving meals, during which we all presumably gave thanks for family, making it through another year, buying Google stock just after the IPO; whatever we figured we should be grateful for.  It was a time to gather the family and relax a bit, then after all the festivities were over, the shopaholics could bid us farewell and go spend until dawn.

Well, the madness gets earlier every year, though it seemed like stores found ways to reward people who braved the cold to show up at 2:00 am by rolling out new doorbusters or otherwise coming up with something to keep people out late.  But this year, Toys R Us is open at 5 pm, with many other stores opening at 8.  What the hell?  When do families eat?  Are we supposed to just have a Thanksgiving Brunch and call it a day?

It just seems a bit ridiculous; retailers hoping to get people out to their stores when most folks, employees probably included, would rather be stuffing one more slice of pumpkin pie down and hoping to avoid the dreaded ‘reversal’.

Maybe next year we can cancel Thanksgiving altogether.  Just have a Turkey McMuffin, shop at noon, and then finish putting up the Christmas decorations, because the stores have had that crap out since September anyway.  Thanksgiving seems like the forgotten holiday, sandwiched in between the toys, candy, and decorations stores can sell for Halloween and the toys, food, and decorations stores sell for Christmas.  Wait- did I just figure it out?  Retailers hate Thanksgiving because there’s not a lot of associated merchandise they can sell people!

As for me, I’m already putting up New Year’s Eve streamers…



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One response to “Retailers hate Thanksgiving”

  1. Raylyn Krauter says :

    I am so sick of the Christmas shopping mania already. I think I’m being smart by shopping early and making sure the items I want are still on the shelves, but then I wonder if the sales will be better later and there in lies the quandary. What to do, what to do?????? Why can’t it just start at 8:00 am on Friday and let the employees have a holiday too. After working retail for almost 20 years I can honestly say I would have rather spent more time with the family than work on stupid shopper Friday. So there it is. No Thanksgiving shopping!!!!!!

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