Everything is awesome/the world is about to end

So, where do you fall in that statement?  I have friends on both sides; some aren’t quite Doomsday Preppers but think like them, others figure the world is a shining example of civilization and everything will be wonderful forever.

I straddle the middle ground.  I like to think positive in regards to the world in general, but I also think it’s foolhardy to assume nothing bad could ever happen to us, both as a country and as a civilization.  There are too many unpleasant things out there in the world, too many dark sides to humanity.  There are folks who would kill each other over religion, race, income, and simply where they live.  There are also a lot of kind, forward thinking enlightened souls who would like nothing more than to make the world a better place.

I would paraphrase Tommy Lee Jones’s character in Men in Black.  He’s just told Will Smith that there are aliens in New York and only the MIB knows.  He says something to the effect that individuals are compassionate, intelligent, and capable of all the good things we attribute to humanity.  He also says that people, as a group, are scared, reactionary and easily led to do the wrong thing.

There is a quote by Frederich Nietzsche I’ll post here.  I lost my book with the dog eared pages and notes in an airplane seat back pocket, but here’s the saying as I remember it:

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.

Sounds pretty reasonable, no?

In other news, I finally finished the fifth novel in the Birthright series (which I’ve titled Birthright: Pursuit), and boy are those poor people in trouble now!  I’m editing and trying to work on a cover, but I’ve built a new ship model to add to the one I already made and Sketchup just can’t seem to handle all those polygons at one time; the program just locks up and crashes when I try to put both models in the same scene.  Not sure what I’ll have to do about that, but it’s my problem, not yours!  So, editing away I go, while starting work on a different project.  It’s set in modern day Colorado, about a man who finds himself and in fact the whole city on the wrong side of a government crackdown.






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One response to “Everything is awesome/the world is about to end”

  1. thoughtfullyprepping says :

    Personally I think the world is long overdue a hard reset.
    No power for a couple of months anywhere will do it.
    The almighty banks will collapse, and governments will be exposed as the useless jerks that they are.

    Some will die, that is true, yet the world is living a lie and it’s all money based.

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