Of Kittens and Kids

02 15 14 00310 22 14 074 Greetings all,

It’s been some time, I admit.  I don’t even have a real worthy excuse, either.  I’ve been doing the usual; working, catching up with our daily household emergencies (where the hell are all the clothes hangers, why is the insane kitten at the top of the Christmas tree, did I get anything ready for Cub Scouts tonight?), work, etc.  There was an unfortunate incident involving cloned pre-historic saber-toothed badgers, but that was totally my fault and I can’t use that as an excuse.  I start the day with a list of things to do and end the day with most of them not done because I spend the intervening hours reacting to what comes flying my way. Argh.  Oh well.

About three months ago, one of our cats died.  We had two, a brother and sister from the same litter.  They were about 14 1/2 at the time.  The male is still with us, but his sister went to the great sun-warmed napping couch in the sky after a year or so of treating an overactive thyroid.  Complications entered the picture, but we all got to say goodbye one last time as we passed her from lap to lap and then put her back downstairs in her bed before getting the kids ready for baseball practice.  When we went back down for another quick goodbye, she was gone.  It was sad for us, but hit the kids hard because the cats were here before they were, so that’s all they knew- Abby and Stimpy.  Stimpy (the girl.  Abby is the boy, and that’s another blog post entirely) was the sweetest cat ever.  Even though we had the cats for three years before our human offspring showed up, they never got jealous of the kids.  In fact, they adopted them in a way.  They played with them, were more patient than I ever could have been, slept on them and loved them, and basically were everything you’d ever hope an animal would be.

After a suitable period of mourning, we adopted two kittens from the local shelter.  They weren’t related and were a month apart, but they think they’re brother and sister now.  They have an arrangement with our older cat; Tanner and Maddy are welcomed as long as they don’t get too rambunctious with our old guy, in which case they can expect a light cuff on the head but nothing more.  They like him and he has grown to like them back, and we were very relieved to see them all getting along and hanging out with each other.

This, of course, meant we needed to buy some new cat toys, which leads me to this post.  Below are a series of pictures of toys I’ve found scattered around the house.  You must guess whether it’s a cat toy, kid toy, or suitable for both.

IMG_20141119_141104954This is a Culver’s ice cream token.  Mostly for the kids, but it amuses the cats for a few minutes.


IMG_20141119_141048639I have no idea what this is.  I think it’s from a board game of some sort, but again, kids and kittens like it.

IMG_20141119_141041880Looks like one of those finger puzzles, but it’s actually filled with catnip.  Cat toy!

IMG_20141119_141032353I think this is our daughter’s.  Kid toy. 
IMG_20141119_141028123Oooh!! Shiny puff ball.  Everyone loves this: kids, cats, even easily amused grown-ups.







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